Based on the understanding that the future of real estate would be centered on improved technology and lower operational  cost  for real estate companies, Skip Wiley pioneered a real estate strategy that passes on the technology and operational savings direct to the to home-buyers and sellers in South Florida. The mission of PaidToBuyHome drew from the strengths of Skip Wiley, one of South Florida’s premiere residential real estate agents and Wilfredo Picota, an engineer and technology genius. Their mission was to develop a simple , easy an extensive approach to buying or selling a home online, and significantly lowering the cost for home buyer or home seller to achieve their real estate goals.

How it works

PaidToBuyHome (PTBH) refund/credit is a real estate assistance program provided by a PTBH team member, a licensed real estate agent with Thank You Realty LLC, that saves thousands of dollars for home-buyers, and home sellers.The benefit to the home buyer is a refund or credit to the home-buyer, in the amount of $1,000 to $10,000 or more, to any home-buyer who buys a home or sells a home from a trained PTBH team member working with Thank You Realty LLC. PTBH team member refunds or credit amount may vary according to purchase price, commission earned, market conditions, and other factors.

The PTBH refund is subject to adjustment or cancellation if the commission received by Thank You Realty LLC from the cooperating broker is 1.5% or less of the property sales price at closing. Lender approval is required for commission refund/credit. Some lenders may not permit refund/credit, or may restrict the amount you may be refunded or credited on a transaction. PTBH team members advise all buyers to discuss the refund/credit program with their lender in advance to assure your lender will allow a refund/credit on your mortgage transaction.

The PTBH refund/credit issued by Thank You Realty LLC will only be issued to the buyer or buyers of the property as stated on the purchase contract, and on the recorded deed at the closing of a transaction. Thank You Realty is a licensed Florida real estate broker. PTBH team members are licensed real estate agents associated with Thank You Realty LLC. All refunds/credits at closing or after that are permitted by state or federal law will be authorized and made by Thank You Realty LLC. PTBH/Thank You Realty listing fee is 1.5% of the sales price of property. Listing fee subject to a minimum commission of $1,500. Listing fee subject to change. Not all real estate agents at Thank You Realty LLC are PTBH team members, and thus may not offer this PTBH/Thank You Realty LLC approved refund/credit program or listing fee program.

Example of credit or refund

  • Purchase price $300,000

  • Buyers side Commission earned by Thank You Realty LLC (3%) $9,000

  • Refund or credit to buyer (1%) $3,000

  • Typically this refund or credit will be used to pay lenders closing cost or prepaid expenses or other allowable expenses allowed by state and federal law.

*Commission savings disclosure and disclaimers