You are probably overpaying for your new home!

When you buy a home from the average real estate agent, you typically end up paying more money out of your pocket than you have to pay to be a homeowner.

When you a buy home from one of the large national or regional companies with fancy and expensive offices, heavy overhead, huge marketing budgets, somebody is paying for all this glitz and guess who is paying for it? ...“its you”. And frankly, after over three decades in the real estate and mortgage banking industry, we knew it was time for a revolutionary new idea!

What sets us apart

We created the PaidToBuyHome team on the premise that buying a home should be more affordable for everyone. By taking advantage of improved technology, lower operational expenses, and aggressive negotiation with home sellers, mortgage providers and closing agents we are able to pass on the negotiated savings and help home buyers find the perfect home, and save thousands of dollars.  Our goal in each transaction is to find the very best property for our home buyers at a fair price, and reduce the amount you need for down payment and closing cost. Go ahead, find the exact home you are looking for, then let us credit you $1,000 to $10,000 or more!


Skip Wiley

 PS. Buy a home from us and close before Dec 31, 2017 and we will pay for a 1 year Home Warranty Programfor your new home.